Why us
  • We guarantee the successful and prompt handling of your case.
  • We avail ourselves of a network of associate lawyers in the major cities of Greece and in Cyprus, as well as a network of associates comprising of real estate agents, notaries, bailiffs, civil engineers, architects, business consultants, accountants, translators and other professionals.
  • We provide high quality of legal service in reasonable cost (all fees and expenses are agreed in writing before the assignment of the case).
  • There is no need for you to travel Greece, if you don’t desire so, in order to take care of your case.  Through a Power of Attorney we can represent you in every stage of your case and before any authority.
  • The lawyers are available 24/7 and respond prompt and personally to your e-mails and phone calls.
  • We offer alternative contact ways through conference calls or Skype.
  • We provide prompt and reliable information about the course of your case.